Community Aid Network MN

Community Aid Network MN
"See a need. Fill a need. For the community."


When many essential services across South Minneapolis were shut down and communities were cut off from the businesses they relied on, neighbors stepped up and banned together to help their communities get by. People saw a need, and they filled it, ensuring that people across Minneapolis could access the basic supplies and resources they needed to get by every day.

That is the genesis of Community Aid Network of Minnesota. CANMN is the result of a partnership between three mutual aid sites that sprang up in the summer of 2020 in response to the dual pandemics of COVID-19 and systemic racism. Between June and August 2020, these three organizations served an estimated 18,300 people, providing everything from hot meals and fresh produce to household cleaning supplies, hygiene products, over the counter medicine, diapers, infant formula, baby supplies, and more.

Today, CANMN continues to serve between 100 and 150 families every week, giving out more than 1,000 items every distribution day as a volunteer-run mutual aid site. Together, they work with their neighbors and community to build mutual aid bonds, organize volunteers, and redistribute resources to ensure everyone has the means for dignified survival.

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