Wallin Education Partners

Wallin Education Partners
"Addressing systemic barriers for students to pursue their dreams"

For over 30 years, Wallin Education Partners has supported young adults throughout Minnesota in pursuing their dreams of college graduation by providing financial aid, thoughtful advising, and access to career opportunities.

Wallin builds equitable communities by providing multiple pathways for their diverse community of scholars, including a 2-year pathway to support students heading to community college and 4-year pathway to support students pursuing a baccalaureate degree.

Currently, 91% of Wallin’s scholars are BIPOC students and as an organization, they recognize how systemic barriers like economic scarcity, racial disparities, and social isolation stop students from reaching their potential and actively address all those things to help uplift students.

Although financial support is critical for students, the comprehensive wraparound services, from advising to internships and access to other career-development opportunities shows that Wallin has listened to the community and responded to the needs they have identified.

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