♦♦♦ FEATURED ♦♦♦ - Request for Proposals: Investor Relations Specialist

Thrive Economic Development | Jefferson, WI


Thrive Economic Development - Serving Dodge and Jefferson Counties, Wisconsin

Thrive Economic Development (ThriveED) is a 501C3, public/private partnership dedicated to actions focused on attracting and supporting private sector business growth in the two-county region. The organization is entering its second round of 5-year fundraising and seeks to contract with an Investor Relations (Fundraising) Specialist. Please note: the organization is also soliciting proposals for a fundraising professional and/or firm at this time. Should a qualified candidate seeking permanent employment come forward, ThriveED may create a permanent position for ongoing Investor Relations services. This RFP, and the one for the fundraising professional, is tied to the organization’s upcoming fundraising cycle. This upcoming fundraising cycle covers calendar years 2022-2026, with fundraising activities envisioned to begin in the fourth quarter of 2020 and continuing through June 30, 2021.

Specialist Summary:
This position will support the work of ThriveED to strengthen economic vibrancy across the service territory by engaging in activities designed to ensure adequate funding to achieve desired outcomes. The IR Specialist will engage with the Board of Directors, staff and existing investors to provide focused support to achieve successful fundraising. In the event that ThriveED chooses to contract for professional fundraising services with an individual or firm, the IR Specialist will work in collaboration with the professional fundraising individual or firm hired. The ideal candidate will possess the skills and knowledge necessary to promote ThriveED as a wise investment in the community’s future to business leaders and the community at large.

• Minimum of Associates Degree; Bachelor’s degree in related field preferred
• Three or more years of fundraising experience with campaigns of at least $500,000
• Excellent organizational skills to manage meetings and information gathering to support prospect outreach
• Skilled in software programs to manage outreach to prospects, set meetings, follow up appropriately and report out on all functions regularly
• Excellent communication skills and a dynamic personality capable of inspiring and relating to others including business and community leaders
• Demonstrated ability to identify and develop relationships
• Flexibility and willingness to attend meetings to meet target customer needs

Essential Functions:
• Actively work with the President, the Board of Directors and the Marketing Manager to develop an executable campaign strategy
• Maintain coordinated schedules with President and Board of Directors to attend meetings and deliver presentations to business and community leaders
• Provide guidance associated with setting specific goals for the 5-year campaign, and support achievement of set goals
• Develop processes and be actively involved in identifying investor prospects, cultivating relationships with them and soliciting financial support
• Assure database maintenance of investors, and top community leaders and prospects
• Lead fundraising training. Educate, motivate and provide feedback to individuals related to best practices in the fundraising process
• In conjunction with the Marketing Manager, develop communication plans to ensure that investors, Board members and the community understand the case for support and that messaging aligns with the campaign timeline
• Prepare and coordinate ThriveED proposals for grants from government sources and private foundations
• Develop systems and manage resources needed to carry out fundraising plans. Establish and monitor financial development budget and achieve stated annual goals.
• Work with the Board and staff to develop fundraising policies and procedures
• Track gifts and pledges by source and purpose, providing reports as needed

Additional Responsibilities as Time Allows:
1. Building Relationships
• Works with Marketing Manager and Board Committees, to position ThriveED as the region’s economic development subject matter expert.
• Communicates a compelling, cause-driven vision
• Navigates complex political and social circles with ease
• Interprets messages and body language effectively
• Leads efforts that deepen ThriveED’s connections to business leaders
2. Leading Operations
• Navigates differing investor and stakeholder perspectives or ambiguous information when making decisions
• Has the functional and technical knowledge and skills to do the job at a high level of accomplishment
• Demonstrates intelligent risk taking with awareness of societal, economic and political issues and their impact on the strategic direction of the organization
• Develops organizational goals and strategic plans, balancing long-term direction and short-term requirements

RFP Responses:
Individuals wishing to respond to this request should submit a cover letter indicating:
• Your interest and experience as they relate to this position
• Information regarding your availability to meet the time frame demands of the upcoming campaign
• Your requested compensation for this engagement

Please also submit your resume and a 60-second video to introduce yourself to the decision-making team, as well as any other information you deem pertinent to your experience.

Please send your complete response to this RFP no later than 4:00 p.m. on Friday, June 5th to:

Victoria Pratt, CEcD, President, ThriveED

ThriveED reserves the right not to choose a provider from this RFP process.